Cash Management and Discrepancy Handling

Strong cash management is vital to achieving transparency, efficiency and the reliable results you are looking for

From cash collection and reconciliation to banking and crew commissions, we manage the entire process.

Our Cash Management Value Chain is a clear set of processes, controls and audit procedures to manage the cash handling from the aircraft to the bank account:
  • Physical flow
  • Foreign currency
  • Notes and coins logistics
  • Credit card - reconciliation of authorized and declined cards
  • Multi-national and local banking

Once the cash is received we reconcile all of the cash bags to each individual barset, significantly increasing transparency and efficiency while identifying shrinkage between sales, inventory and banked cash and credit receipts.

Furthermore, with our global presence, we can handle regulatory compliance across any geography:
  • Taxation
  • Duty
  • Customs
  • Food safety regulations
  • Credit card accreditation (EMV, PCI) together with our colleagues at eGate Solutions