Weight Reduction

Gate Retail Onboard helped a leading airline significantly reduce weight by reducing the number of boarded trolleys for food, beverage and boutique items sales.

The airline’s previous standard operating procedure recommended bar sets consisting of two service bar trolleys, a boutique trolley, four backup canisters, or 14 containers in all.

Gate Retail Onboard developed the “All Day Bar” concept which simplified and standardized cart packing and galley layouts. We reduced the number of bar sets from two to one for a total of only six containers without impacting the available products for sale. Based on selling needs and taking into consideration operational aspects, the caterers received drawer-by-drawer packing specifications well in advance. Gate Retail Onboard also made available a person fluent in the local languages to actively support the launch period which improved overall communication.

Working out the concept was only half the challenge, however. Implementation was rolled out simultaneously in six countries totaling 18 provisioning locations with several different catering companies participating.

The Result?

Caterers process bar sets in 50% less time; crews access carts and provide all-day service faster with more consistent cart contents and layouts and the airline saves on fuel burn with a reduced overall weight per aircraft. Each of the airline’s 175 aircrafts became 140 kilograms lighter (about 309 pounds). The total cost savings on simplified packing, handling and weight is estimated to be about £2.5 million annually.